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7 Must-Have Boating Accessories for Your Next Nautical Adventure…

Time on the water is almost always enjoyable, and it’s even better when you have all the right accessories. Options range from functional gear to fun toys.


Read on to learn about seven of the top boating accessories for this season.


  1. Dry Bags for Gear


Keep your spare clothes, electronics, and other items dry with a watertight bag. It’s easier to relax and have fun when you aren’t constantly worried that your phone will get splashed, so choose a durable bag that won’t rip or tear.

  1. Portable Shower


If you plan to work up a sweat or go for a dip in saltwater, you may want to rinse off afterward. Leading portable showers are compact but hold up to 2 gallons of water. This also makes it easy to wash up if you plan on cleaning fish.

  1. Catch Bags


Get a good fish cooler to keep your catch fresh until you can get it home and cook it. That way you don’t have to cut your outing short or worry that your supper will spoil. Some options even fit into kayaks.

  1. Coolers


Your fresh fish isn’t the only thing you need to keep out of the sun. Keep your drinks cool so you can stay refreshed while you’re on the boat. You can even find one with built-in cup holders to keep your beverage cold after you open it.


  1. Towable Hydrofoil


Catch the wave of the newest boating craze with a towable hydrofoil wakeboard. Use a towrope and be pulled behind the boat or drop the line and challenge yourself to ride the wake freestyle.  It’s fun, easy, and invigorating and you can start by going here.


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