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Achieve A Perfect Grip With A Personalized Fillet Knife…

Dexter Russell’s UR-Cut fillet knife feels like an extension of your body that was made for you, and only you.

If you’re a fishmonger or a party boat mate who spends several hours a day cutting fish, you’ll eventually reach this level of oneness with your filet knife. For the rest of us, there’s a much easier option.

The esteemed knife manufacturers at Dexter Russell Outdoors have come up with a moldable-handle fillet knife that can be instantly formed to your particular grip.

Dexter UR-Cut

Anyone who has ever molded a mouth guard will recognize the process behind the UR-Cut grip. You dip it into a pot of boiling water, quickly remove it and set it in cold water, and then grab the handle and squeeze. The handle will permanently mold to your specific hold, and the result is a fillet knife that is more comfortable to use and easier to grip.

We stopped by the Dexter Russell Outdoors booth at the ICAST Sportfishing Trade Show last summer to check out the process and were wowed by what we saw as the biggest innovation in fillet knives in decades: