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     If you like to sit on it near water – then AquaBanas are for you!”

AquaBanas are luxury lifestyle inflatable floating platforms that are “Redefining Water Entertainment” on a global scale.

These Patent Pending commercial quality floating platforms feature a modular connection system that allow them to be connected in an endless number of combinations to suit large or small groups of people on yachts, sandbars, special events, waterfront venues and resorts anywhere in the world.

There is even a whole line of Land Banas such as the Beach Bar and Couch Banas, as well as various Bana Tents, Loungers, Tables, and other furniture that can be used in a wide variety of terrestrial applications.

AquaBanas floating platform offers an extensive selection of modular designs that are unlike anything else on the market! Each floating dock is built from durable drop stitch material and feature fully welded construction as well as non-slip floor surfaces, quick step entry, ballast bags for stability, anchoring rings, cooler cut outs, and more.

AquaBanas floating platforms easily support well over 1000 pounds per unit and are great for social distancing use as well, given the current 2020 Pandemic.

AquaBanas floating platform can also be customized with your corporate colors, logos, and messages, creating excellent sponsorship opportunities.  Basically, your lifestyle, your choice AquaBanas floater accommodates your comfort on the water accordingly.

Wondering how AquaBanas works?

AquaBanas floating docks have a modular design that allow them to operate as a single unit or to be seamlessly connected together to form larger Bana Systems. There are the standard features of Foundation Banas that are instrumental in creating an AquaBanas system.

  • Inflated Back Rests
  • Gator Mouth Flaps
  • Anchor Rings for Tent
  • Non-Slip Top Surface
  • Quick-Step Access
  • Stable Ballast Bags
  • Dual Inflation Valves
  • Netted Footwells
  • Rock Solid Table
  • Cooler Cut-Out

Wondering how AqauaBanas connect? All AquaBanas floating docks and components use a standardized connection system that has (2) D-Rings located 80” apart. Each set of these D-Rings features a 120” wide Gator Mouth flap that firmly holds a non-slip Gap Cap material that prevents anyone from stepping through the butted seam. The decks are held together primarily with (2) chains of #316 Stainless Steel Quick Link connectors connected to the rings. The chains are then covered with a wrap.

AquaBanas floating platform, welded construction it’s based on the highest commercial inflatable standards, including full welding all drop stitch products. Welded seams eliminate any possibility of seam failure that many drop stitch products are prone to.

Also, an additional layer of vinyl material is added to every seam, along with our trim strip material for added strength.

AquaBanas floating dock, not only serve the purpose of comfort and social gathering with friends of family, but they also have the ability to store all water toys, keeping them secured, without them floating away.

Here’s a video link of the AquaBanas in action during the 2020 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, at the Nautical Ventures World Famous AquaZoneTM : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRqJuP2l_j8

AquaBanas floater, are available for inspection and purchase at any of our 5 Nautical Ventures Marine Center locations: Dania Beach/Ft. Lauderdale, North Palm Beach, Sarasota, and Tampa Bay.

In addition, our stores offer you a variety of luxury boats for your fishing and cruising needs, as well as tenders, kayaks, paddleboards, and water toys. Let us help you find the perfect thing to help you get on the water.

There’s a reason why they call Nautical Ventures ‘The-go-to people for FUN on the Water!’

You can also visit our website www.nauticalventures.com for more information, or contact us directly at sales@nauticalventures.com

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