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Big Worms For Big Bass…

Kaleb Brown and Cam Chase,

Tournament angler Kaleb Brown (left) and his fishing partner, Cam Chase, take most of their big summertime bass on big worms.

I’ve never been a big-bait/big-fish kind of angler. I prefer using finesse tactics to catch numbers of largemouth bass as opposed to holding out for a few quality bites each day. However, that changed two summers ago during a day of fishing with a young tournament angler on the Connecticut River. A very slow morning bass bite pulled us in completely opposite directions, with me downsizing to a 1/8-ounce jig and my young friend pulling out a pack of Zoom Ol’ Monster Worms. I grinned, thinking he had watched one too many southern fishing shows. An hour later, my smile was gone after he boated his fourth 3-pound-plus largemouth while I’d caught one small bass.

Hags Tornado F8

Big worms are amazingly adaptable and can be fished just about anywhere you would throw a smaller bait using a variety of techniques.

While I still don’t universally subscribe to the big-bait/big-fish school of thought, I have made an exception for largemouth bass, and big worms have a place in my tackle bag whenever I’m targeting this species. Of course, “big” is a relative term. In this case, it’s a 10-inch (or larger) traditional worm or a slightly shorter one with a beefy profile, like a Hags Tornado F8 or a Z-Man FATTYZ.

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