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Bullseye Fishing Tracker…

When fishing, I rarely take time to meticulously record conditions such as water temperature, air temperature, tide, barometric pressure after landing each fish, though I probably should.

Now I don’t have to, thanks to a little device called the Bullseye Fishing Tracker from Anglr. You just push the Bluetooh-enabled button on the quarter-size fob each time you catch a fish, and it automatically records key data to your mobile device, such as your smart phone.

The fob is designed to attach to almost anything. Once connected with the Anglr app, one click of the button records to your mobile device the GPS location, air temp, water temp, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction, and moon phase. Cellular service is not required to record the data, and it also compiles the statistics and patterns of the recorded data for later review and analysis. You can also share the data with the Anglr online community, if you like.

The Bullseye fob is lightweight, weatherproof and clips to your clothing, a lanyard or the boat. The battery offers two years of continuous use. The Bullseye fob sells for $29.99, and the Anglr app is free at the Apple Store or Google Play. To learn more, visit

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