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Coming Next: Numarine 78HTS…

Turkish builder Numarine has unveiled plans for the Numarine 78HTS, an evolution of the 78 HT model.

The 78HTS adds a sport flybridge to the design. The space has a central upper helm station and four sun pads with reclining backrests.

Also new is a “Silent Package,” which combines lithium-ion batteries, a smart-energy management system and multistage air conditioning — allowing owners to be at anchor all day and run all electrical systems, including air conditioning, with only one generator charge at midday, the builder says.

The system reportedly also maintains onboard silence in the evenings if the generator is charged right before bedtime.

How quiet is the Numarine 78HTS? The builder says that at cruise speeds, the yacht is clocking 66 decibels on the lower deck. That’s close to the level of noise that you get in a restaurant, from regular conversations.

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