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Fast Girls: The Women of Speed Boat Racing…

Social progress in recent years has changed the boating world and extreme sports at the same time, which means there are more women in powerboat racing now more than ever. Women have been winning national and international titles for powerboat racing, showing that they have no problem keeping up with the boys. One place where brave, bold, and fast women have made an especially impressive impact is at the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout Powerboat races in Sunrise Beach, Missouri, which leads the nation for the inclusion of women in a racing venue. Below are just a few of the women you can expect to see there.


Carolyn Dorris

While recent progress is noticeable, it’s not exactly new for women to participate in speed boat racing. Carolyn is class A. She’s been racing in Shootout races since 1997 after growing up in the boating community in California. She’s not just one of the most experienced– she’s also one of the best in the business. She’s won multiple championships with the help of her instincts and quick decision making.

Read more about the Dorris family here.


Lee Ann Peluso

Lee Ann Peluso is a prime example of toughness in addition to racing skills. She was able to escape an accident where her boat spun out and flipped, then she got back to racing within weeks. Things that scare most people excite Lee Ann Peluso, which is an excellent quality for a powerboat racer to possess.

Read more about Lee Ann Peluso here.


Maddie Janssen

Maddie’s dad, Michael “Doc” Janssen did the racing world a favor when he introduced his daughter to his need for speed. This brainiac has an education in molecular biology– and her intelligence is on full display on the water. When asked how she converts intimidating horsepower into championship-level speed, she’s responded by saying she knows how to handle powerful boats “like a girl.” She’s achieved speeds of roughly 150mph in her vessel, Saratoga Stampede, which has been good enough to win her multiple world championships.

Read more about Maddie Janssen here.


Tristan Collins

Tristan Collins grew up around racing, so she’s never thought of herself as a “woman of speed boat racing” as much as a regular racer. She makes a terrific point there because her skills and achievements are impressive enough to make her a formidable competitor in both sprints and endurance races. She deserves all the respect in the world for her quick thinking, reaction speed, and endurance.

Read more about Tristan Collins here.


Carrie Sixkiller-Jones

Carrie Sixkiller-Jones has an excellent record when it comes to winning races. She says that she wants her success to be an inspiration for other women who are interested in racing. Quite frankly, she’s even more than an inspiration for women– she’s an inspiration for everyone. Her skill, courage, and dedication to her craft are something we could all aspire to, and it’s easy to see how she was able to achieve such a terrific career.

Read more about Carrie Sixkiller-Jones here.


How Fast Do Speed Boats Go?

The women on this list have achieved speeds far in excess of 100 mph, and the world record for water speed is actually 317 mph. (It’s worth mentioning that trying to break that record has proven to be exceedingly dangerous.) The top speed you’ll be able to achieve will depend on your boat, but speeds closer to 70 mph are more attainable.


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