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G. Loomis Asquith 5-weight Fly Rod Review…


Round 2. Our second review of the much talked about G Loomis Asquith. It’s a silly name, but is it also a great rod? We’re going to skip the techno-babble in this review and get right down to the meat and potatoes. Read on to see if you should spend your next stack on the Asquith.


This is our second of two reviews of the Asquith. If you’ve already read the other one, I’m sorry for any repetition. This review is a lot more straightforward. If you haven’t read our review of the 8wt, you can read it here: G. Loomis Asquith 8wt Fly Rod Review


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Fit and Finish

Loomis has always had great finish work, but not as good as Scott and Winston. The Asquith is no different. There really isn’t much to talk about here. It’s a nice looking rod, but not the BEST looking rod.



One of the key selling points of the new Asquith is its weight. At 2.8 oz., it’s way lighter than the NRX LP. This was really noticeable when casting side-by-side, but I never heard anyone complaining about the weight of the LP to begin with.


Flex & Feel

When I asked Steve Rajeff about how the Asquith compared to the NRX LP [in terms of flex], he said that it was somewhere in between the LP and the ‘standard’ NRX. I’d say that is definitely true, but a little misleading. It’s definitely not squarely in the middle between the two. To me, the Asquith feels A LOT like the LP. Only on long casts did I notice much difference at all.




If there was one area that I didn’t care for the LP in, it was distance. It just wasn’t a rod that you’d take to the casting competition. I mean that’s why there’s an NRX Trout AND an NRX LP. The Asquith does a better job at making these longer casts (vs LP) without a doubt.



Comparing the Asquith to the NRX LP was probably one of the easiest comparison tests I’ve ever done. The Asquith is better across the board, and MUCH better at 60’. That’s actually a pretty hard feat to accomplish – to offer more accuracy at both 30’ AND 60’. It’s like having a rod that is simultaneously faster and slower… but it’s true.



Lifetime. Loomis has the best turnaround time in the biz.


Price: $1000!




So, like I did with the 8-weight review, I’ll end with the all-important question of: Is it worth $1000? While the 8-weight left me with some questions, I can’t deny that the performance of this 5-weight is incredible. For a true, top of the line shootout, I’ll need to compare this with the Helios 2, the Zephrus, and the Radian, but I can tell you now that it’s a top contender for sure, and possibly the best of the bunch.

I really liked this rod with GPX, I can’t imagine anything else working better, nor would I recommend another line.



  • Better at every distance than the NRX LP
  • Also, much lighter




  • The only thing stopping everyone from buying this is, obviously, its very high cost.



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