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Hunting4Connections : Find a Date, Outdoor Partner or Both…

Hunting4Connections Dating for Outdoor Enthusiasts Payne OutdoorsWhether you fish, hunt, hike, camp, or live an outdoor lifestyle, you have probably at some point in your life wished you had someone to tag along with you. Maybe that someone you envisioned was a potential significant other and fishing partner. Maybe that someone was familiar with a new region you wanted to target elk or moose and you needed someone to show you around or even guide you. Maybe you just needed someone to find an activity partner to share costs with. All of these scenarios would be easier if there were one website where you could accomplish everything from finding a lease group to finding a love interest who also loves the outdoors. All of those things are now available at a cool new site called Hunting4Connections.

Hunting4Connections is the brainchild of Dana Sacia and her two sons Justin and Jaden. I caught up with Dana recently and asked her about her launch in July of 2019.

Hunting4Connections Dating for Outdoor Enthusiasts Payne Outdoors

Dana Sacia, the creator of Hunting4Connections and her two sons Justin and Jaden

“We combined our passion for the outdoors with our desire to want to help others and to give back. We knew we needed to take the difficult life hardship we had gone through and turn it into something positive and create a new beginning. So we united as a family and worked 3 years nights and weekends preparing for the launch.”

Originally named Hunting4TrueLove, Dana decided to use the name of her Facebook group Hunting4Connections. The group is a community of like-minded hunters and anglers sharing their passions and connecting to find good deals on hunts and fishing trips. It isn’t really a matchmaking group in the romantic sense. It serves as an info-sharing group like if I were to travel to Wisconsin and want to chase Pike but had never been.

Dana allows promotion in her group so people can offer deals and discounts to the members they wouldn’t find elsewhere.


Hunting4Connections Dating for Outdoor Enthusiasts Payne Outdoors

On her website at, if you are looking for love, you’ll find some very unique features. Profiles between potential matches aren’t just based on physical appearance. In fact, the emphasis is placed on the individual’s outdoor preferences and how much time and togetherness they’d want to share with a potential match in the outdoors.

“Hunting4Connections is a niche-based community for people who live a specific type of lifestyle. We match you based on your outdoor hobbies & passions.  H4C understands this kind of lifestyle requires special consideration. Keeping that in mind, we developed a unique set of profile questions to help you connect with other like-minded people. The proprietary software shows you by percent how perfectly connected you are.  Our unique emphasis on the outdoors ensures you that feeling like a tadpole in the ocean is a thing of the past.”

Additionally, subscribers can talk to people who have not yet subscribed through a token system that’s been developed. This is unique amongst dating platforms because most will not let you communicate unless both subscribe to the service or it’s a free promotion for a very limited time.