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Jet Capsule's Mini Jet Spider is a Transformer Yacht Tender…

Jet Capsule’s Mini Jet Spider is a prototype from an Italian company that has launched larger models with similar hull forms. Shaped like a NASA Apollo rocket capsule, the three-person Mini Jet Spider is the first in the company’s line to have a detachable carbon-fiber hardtop.

The purpose-built pilot seat has a shock-suspension system and body belts; the two rear seats face forward, or can fold down or flip back to face the swim platform. The forward and rear windows of the Mini Jet Spider’s console can open for fresh air.

Power options include a 315 hp gasoline power plant, a 260 hp diesel engine or a 160 hp electric motor, all mated to Hamilton water jets, with respective top speeds of 45, 35 and 25 knots. There is also a hybrid gas/electric option that connects to an 80 hp power unit.

Jet Capsule says it will produce the Mini Jet Spider after it receives 10 orders for the $169,000 craft. And in the meantime, it’s promoting additional variations including a party capsule that users can pilot while riding a Flyboard, and an armored capsule with bulletproof shields.

Open or Closed

Italian designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini wanted the Mini Jet Spider to be fun and flexible, so he created a carbon-fiber hardtop that can be removed, turning the vessel into an open craft.

The Jet Ski-style captain’s seat is designed to handle the 45-knot speed that the capsule achieves with a 315 hp gasoline engine.

With the hardtop on and windows sealed, the Mini Jet Spider can run through chop and inclement weather.

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