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Mouse Flies for Trout…

Midday Mousing

It was a typical early spring day at a central Connecticut Trout Management Area. I bumped around a few of my favorite spots, fishing streamers and catching some trout. I started to fish a run filled with brook trout and rainbows, and to my surprise, they completely ignored the streamer during its jigging, dancing drift. Yet, when the fly rose toward the surface at the end of the drift…WHAM! The fish clearly wanted the fly skating and waking right on the surface.

Small, impressionistic mouse patterns like the Master Splinter work best on stocked trout.

That got me thinking. I had a couple of mouse flies in my box, and wondered if these trout would take a mouse. The idea flew against everything I had been taught about fishing for trout with mice in the Northeast, which was supposed to be a nighttime game for big wild and holdover browns. The odds were slim, I had been told, that trout would eat a mouse during the day in Connecticut.

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