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Narragansett ‘Gators…

Narragansett Bay bluefish

The author posing with a good-sized gator in a shallow cove of Narragansett Bay.

In late spring, when the focus of most boat fishermen on Narragansett Bay is chasing down keeper stripers, large bluefish are also invading the bay. Last year, I landed some of the biggest bluefish of my life during the early season and, best of all, hardly anyone else was targeting them.

My first brush with monster blues happened in mid-May in a shallow cove that had produced stripers in previous seasons. Motoring through three feet of water, I saw subtle swirls along the surface here and there, usually a sign of stripers delicately picking off small bait or spawning worms. My Slug-Go was struck as soon as it hit the water and was instantly cut off. I immediately knew what was there—and they weren’t stripers.

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