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New App from Enjoy Yacht Concierge…

A new smartphone app from Enjoy Yacht Concierge is designed to track yacht management and boat maintenance tasks.
Users can communicate with crew, staff and vendors through the app, and responses can include comments as well as photographs.

“Our boat maintenance app keeps everyone involved and on the same page as they share information on what needs to be done, what has been done and what is next or outstanding,” Jose Gomez, president of Enjoy Yacht Concierge, stated in a press release. “Some other boat management software is more complicated and geared to the mega-yacht market; we wanted to give the smaller yacht owner the same type of boat software assistance, but in a user-friendly format.”

Pricing for the Enjoy Yacht Concierge app: $29 a month, covering communications between the yacht owner and crewmembers.

Where to learn more: go to the Enjoy Yacht Concierge website.

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