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REVIEW: Kate’s Real Food Energy Bars…

kate's real food energy bar review Payne Outdoors Kate’s Real Food

Have you ever had an energy bar that didn’t taste like sawdust and sugar? I haven’t had many. On top of that, I have Celiac Disease so it has to be gluten-free and I probably don’t have to tell you that gluten-free foods are historically awful. In my quest for something I can eat on the water or at the campsite, I checked out Kate’s Real Food Energy Bars. You can pick them up at REI and online and they’re about on par with the typical price point for a protein bar or energy bar.

Before I get into the details, here is some info from Kate’s Real Food:

kate's real food energy bar review Payne Outdoors Kate’s Real Food

I love the fact that Kate’s Real Food comes in six different flavors. I am a Tram Bar (Peanut Butter and Chocolate) person but if someone wanted a lemon bar or cherry bar, Kate makes something for that too.

The bars are made with natural honey and it shows, not only in the taste but in the ability of the bar to not dry out in the heat. I’m based in Texas and on a hot day, I don’t want dried out granola. I want something that doesn’t dry me out just eating it.

I was pleasantly surprised by how the bars kept their shape even in the heat. Sure they were a touch softer than at room temperature but they didn’t fall apart which means packing them in a backpack for a long hike won’t destroy them.

Points of Improvement

kate's real food energy bar review Payne Outdoors Kate’s Real Food

I’d love to see an apple flavor added to the mix as well as a brown sugar and raisin flavor. Or maybe something to satisfy the oatmeal creme pie craving I tend to get in the morning. Expanding the flavor offerings just a bit could bring in a whole new audience.

I’d also like to see individually packages energy bites. Many times I don’t need to scarf down a whole bar while I’m out so bite sized energy options about 1/4th the normal bar size would be great to see.

Final Thoughts

At $3 a bar, some people might think Kate’s Real Food is a bit high. I can tell you however, it is the most coveted snack in our backpack when we hit the trails or the lake. Once you get a bite of a Tram Bar or one of the other flavors, you’ll feed your granola to the birds.

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