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REVIEW: Stealth QR2 Rod Holder for Kayaks…

Stealth QR2 Rod Holder for Kayaks and Boats Payne Outdoors Review

While at ICAST I stumbled across the Stealth rod holder booth walking from one place to another. I had heard of Stealth but hadn’t really looked at them recently. The original version I had seen previously had some bulk to it, wasn’t easily mountable for a kayak without lots of screw holes and wasn’t really what I was after. This new version I saw, the Stealth QR2, however, piqued my interest. It now had available track mounting hardware, extension arms, basically what looked to be a great setup for trolling planer boards or deep cranks. I met the owners Jason and Cari who were happy to let me give one a try to offer some feedback.

Feedback is pretty important for the Stealth as is evidenced by their About Us page. It reads:

We are a family-owned and operated business, not a massive corporation. That means that we get to do things the right way without compromises. 

We treat people the way we want to be treated. We appreciate that you put your trust in us when you purchase our products. 

That’s why we have a Lifetime Guarantee.  We stand behind our gear and we want your day on the water to be amazing. At our best, our products do what they do and allow you to focus on catching fish. But, if we ever let you down we want to know. First, so we can make it right, second, so we can fix it for the future.

Stealth QR2 Rod Holder for Kayaks and Boats Payne Outdoors ReviewI know the title says Stealth is a rod holder for kayaks but actually, you could mount it on any boat using all of the different attachments that are offered. Two ways, block, rail mounts, track mounts, pretty much any way you need a rod holder they have a solution. You may also have some questions about make, usage, parts etc. Here are a few of the FAQs from Stealth.

What other systems is Stealth compatible with?

Our system is designed to fit into Scotty and Cabelas bases. The reason is that these are popular bases that may already exist on your boat. Therefore, it eliminates the need to drill new holes if you can leverage an existing compatible base.

Does Stealth have a ball mount adapter? 

Not at this time. The reason is simply that we don’t believe in the ball system. Although we agree that they are easily adjusted, we hear a lot of complaints that they don’t hold up against big strikes.

Stealth QR2 Rod Holder for Kayaks and Boats Payne Outdoors ReviewWhat are Stealth Rod Holders made of? 

All of our composite parts are Glass-reinforced Nylon. This is an Engineering Grade Composite that we specify because of it’s strength to weight ratio, durability, and UV weather-ability.

Will the flexible parts dry rot? 

No. Our flexible parts are made of the same materials that automotive engine gaskets are made of. This material has an operating range from -58 degrees F to over 300F.

Are the metal parts Stainless?

Yes, all of our metal components are 318 Stainless.

What is the Stealth Warranty?

Lifetime. We build our rod holders to last. If you eve have a problem just reach out and we’ll resolve it.  Don’t believe it?  Check out social media. We ALWAYS take care of our customers.

Check out this quick video on different Stealth Rod Holder applications: