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REVIEW: The North Face Ventrix Jacket…

North Face Ventrix Jacket from Payne Outdoors Reviewer Chris PayneThe North Face Ventrix is a jacket that caught my attention. The quick video describing the Ventrix system and how it vents excess heat during aerobic activity seemed like a really cool design technology that might come in handy here in Texas where it can get cold but not cold enough to stay indoors.

About The North Face Ventrix

TNF explains the Ventrix as, “Our new, dynamic ventilation responds to your body movements during aerobic activities for balanced warmth and breathability. Perforated micro vents open with motion to prevent overheating and close with decreased activity to keep you warm and ready for your next move. ”

If you don’t look at the jacket closely enough you might miss the vents but they are definitely there. This quick video displays the Ventrix jacket in its intended environments.