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Top 5 Axopar Boats for 2019…


Axopar is a high-end boat brand that has been making waves in the marine industry since 2014. These vessels are top-of-the-line and have won countless international awards for their innovation, superior craftsmanship, and high-quality design. If you are ready to buy the boat you have always dreamed of, read more about the top five Axopar boats in 2019.


1. 37 Sun-Top


The 37-range series is the most popular and critically acclaimed of the Axopar lineup. The 37-series takes things up a notch from the 28 with its length extension of nine feet. The Sun-Top is a moderate upgrade from the T-Top, providing a longer stretch of shade to cover more real estate. The foredeck features a sunbed that sits outside the boat top, so those wanting to soak up some rays have a place to relax.

Once you spin the front seats around 180 degrees to face the surface, the layout features a table in the center with the potential to seat six. This creates a lounge-like area for dining, playing games, or chatting with friends.



2. 37 Sports Cabin

At the peak of luxury comes the 37 Sports Cabin. As a slightly more elevated version of the 37 Cabin, this model goes the extra mile with its sleeker appearance. Outside you will find a similar sunbed to the 37 Sun-Top for laying out in the warmth.

The opulent touches that make this model superior continue on the inside, with high-quality finishes and details. The interior is filled out with a seating area for six and a retractable roof to let in the sun, along with a private toilet area and queen bed.


3. 28 Open

While the 28 Open is the most basic model you can select, do not be mistaken. Basic does not mean boring.

This model offers up the traditional sleek styling that Axopar is known for with a setup that encourages days of fun out on the water. Ample storage below deck gives room to tote everything you need for a fantastic day cruise, and comfortable seats face the waters allowing boat guests to sit back and enjoy the view.


4. 28 T-Top

If you are in a climate where the sun is a bit unbearable, you might love the shade capabilities of the 28 T-Top. With the same open, airy concept as the 28 Open, this model offers additional appeal with the versatile sun shade. The canvas construction reduces the heat of the sun’s most intense rays while still letting in enough light and warmth to feel cozy.


Swivel seats and an L-shaped configuration encourage socialization, with the canvas top giving potential to lay out for an afternoon of sunbathing. Additional features include head with sink near the front of the boat.



5. 28 Cabin

The last in the 28-range is about to get even better in 2019. The 28 Cabin provides the convenient size and shape of the other models in this family, but with an enclosed cabin for protection against both the scorching sun and unexpected storms. The canvas roof slides open and closed, allowing you to adjust as the weather fluctuates. If you are the type that enjoys a long journey, then this is a good option for you as the sofa folds down into a bed that can sleep up to two people inside the cabin.


24-Volt compact air conditioning systems are an available option for all Axopar models.


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