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Top 5 Fishing Apps for Better Success on the Water…

Smartphone technology has revolutionized fishing. There are countless apps available to anglers that will help them in numerous ways. From data on water conditions to customizable fishing tournaments, every aspect of fishing is covered. Here on Kayak Fishing Blog we have already reviewed ANGLR Labs Tracker. In this post we look at five other apps that every angler should consider.


Wide Open Spaces states that FishBrain is the largest community based fishing app in the world. The app is an all-in-one data collector that automatically gathers data on every detail an angler will need to know.

These include the weather, tide, wind direction, sun phase, water type, moon phase, water temp, air pressure, air temp, air humidity, wave height, wind speed, time, date, and GPS position.

The app allows anglers to know what the best time and location is for each species. It even has its own social network where you can share pictures of your catches. The app is available across the globe with over 1.7 million fishing locations.

Go Free Hooked

Go Free Hooked is a tracking app for anglers who want to record and share every fishing trip. The app records navigational data, time, and the location of the fishing trip. This information can be shared on the app’s network.

One of the unique functions of the app is the ‘compete’ feature. This allows anglers to set up their own personal tournaments with their friends. The competition guidelines can be customized and each competition is saved and recorded by the app.

Fishing Paradise

Sometimes it is not possible to go out fishing. Luckily for smartphone users there are lots of fishing games to choose from. One such game is Fishing Paradise. App gaming site appPicker revealed that the game feels realistic and offers plenty of challenges as you build up your own fish farm.

Fishing as a form of digital entertainment has become more popular over the years. Online gaming outlet Spin Genie, for one, released the Reel Spinner game in slot format, using the global popularity of fishing to attract a huge player base. Fishing is an ideal sport to be converted to digital platforms, as it is easy to recreate the experience whether it is on a computer or a smartphone.


iSolunar is a very useful calendar app for anglers. The app collects data on the movements of the sun, moon, and tides and uses this information to predict where fish may be feeding or moving. Users can find the perfect date and time to head out onto the waters.

Fishing Knots Lite

Fishing Knots Lite is a free app that provides a comprehensive database on how to tie fishing knots. Every type of knot is covered. Each knot comes with instructions and a visual guide on how to tie it. Once the app is downloaded no internet connection is needed making it ideal to take out on the water. This is a great app for rookie and veteran anglers alike.

Hopefully you will find one, or more, of these apps useful. There is no denying that technology is now an important part of fishing. It is up to anglers to discover how best to use it.

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