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7 Lures for Boulder Fields…

Because bass often cruise these areas looking for fewer, larger meals (like one or two lobsters instead of a couple dozen peanut bunker), large lures are often the ticket.

  • A diving metal-lip plug like a Beachmaster Cowboy brings a large profile and a lazy tail-wagging action right to the top of the rocks, where big stripers are waiting to pounce.

    Beachmaster Cowboy

    Beachmaster Cowboy
  • A glidebait that swims in an S-pattern on a straight retrieve, like the Alan’s Custom Lures Predator, mimics a large baitfish that’s lost its school, exactly the type of meal stripers seek among the rocks.
  • Alans Custom Lures Predator

    Alan’s Custom Lures Predator
  • A large soft-plastic stickbait, like the Gravity Tackle 13.5-inch GT Eel, can be snaked through boulder fields to fool large stripers in the same way an eel would. Rig one on a jighead or weighted swimbait hook matched to the depth and current speed so that the lure swims just off the bottom on a slow retrieve.
  • Gravity Tackle Eel

    Gravity Tackle Eel
  • In shallower boulder fields, a surface swimming metal lip, like the OutCast Lures Surfster Swimmer, can be the ticket to big catches. The nose-down, tail-up action leaves a perfect wake for a big bass to follow.
  • OutCast Lures Surfster Swimmer

    OutCast Lures Surfster Swimmer
  • An overlooked lure for nighttime fishing among the rocks is the bottle-necked popper. One model, the Ocean Born Flying Popper, has the long-casting benefits of a bottle-neck popper, but on a slow, steady retrieve, it swims just like a metal lip.

    Ocean Born Flying Popper

    Ocean Born Flying Popper
  • Anglers can get downright surgical with a slow-sinking wooden needlefish like the Poombah Plugs Needle. Count the lure down to the right depth and swim it past ambush points or along the edge of the structure where stripers are sure to be cruising.

    Poombah Needlefish

    Poombah Needlefish
  • In deep boulder fields or those with strong current, you’ll be better off with a fast-sinking needlefish, like the Super Strike Heavy Super “N” Fish. This lure casts a long way and can be fished with the precision and effectiveness of a bucktail jig.

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