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Best Smallmouth Bass Lures…

bass1If your looking to hook up a big smallie then you need to find yourself a go to lure. Spending big bucks on misleading marketing and fancy colors is a real waste of money when it comes to catching a football sized bass. When it comes to finding the right lure for a great price the first place we like to look at is the scratch and dent box. This is a great place to pick up chipped jigs, bent hook lures, overlooked rapsm and discolored spinners. Here are a few tips and a couple lures that you need to know about before you hit the water for that monster bass.

Bass Spinner

Bass Spinner

Spinner – One our personal favorites for late summer has to be the spinner. Since the hook faces up this lure is a perfect one for late summer weed beds and shallow rock cut. We have purchased plenty of spinners anywhere from 50 cents all the way to 7 dollars. We have used both and we can say with confidence that as for a slight edge in quality the 50 cent lure will do just fine.

Jig and twister tale – This is easily the most inexpensive set-up money can buy. So far this year we have caught all sorts of small and large mouths on a simple neon pink and white twister tail. both of these two components can be found in either the scratch and dent box, garage sales, and or the bottom of your dad’s junk drawer at home.

Crayfish Imitators– The crayfish is one of the smallies arch enemies, not to mention it is one of their favorite snacks. These lures are always found in the scratch and dent boxes, and seasoned bass anglers like to pick up a couple to add to their arsenal of bass harvesters. Some fishermen enjoy using this lure; while others just seem to overlook it. Personally we like using this lure where dense rock is present and have had great success with it.

Top Water Popper

Top Water Popper

Top Water Poppers– Commonly known as a hula popper these lures fit well into your arsenal of bass lures. Great for trolling, these lures work great in shallow rocky areas as well as heavily weeded areas. If you like running mid-level divers or spinners the hula popper is perfect lure to have out causing havoc drawing attention to the area you are covering with the troll. Usually these lures are very overlooked and can be found in a discount lure grab box for next to nothing. Don’t be surprised if you see a pike coming up for it. A very fun and respected lure.

Picking the right lure is always a shot in the dark, but the lures we have mentioned are all proven to provide the angler with the best edge in any situation. The best thing about all these lures is that you can own all of them for just under ten dollars if you know where to look. Changing lures on the fly is quick and easy with all of them so attack the water hard and be sure to wear a life jacket whenever on a watercraft or boat.

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