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Fishing Gifts For Fathers Day…

Fathers Day is a ways away but it is still closing in. If you are strapped for ideas for your old man, these fishermen gifts will surely bring a smile to his face.  You’ve bought your dad enough ties and coffee mugs, its time to put a real smile on his face this year don’t you think? If your dad’s anything like mine he would love some fishing gear, its one of those things that you can never have enough of. Tackle can range anywhere from 5-30 dollars, rod and reel combo’s 30-450$ and all other fishing equipment 150+. Below we have broken down the gift suggestions by price range. There is also a brief overview of the products we recommend; all of which will surely put a smile on dad’s face.

Fishing gifts ranging from 5-30$

Rapalas are usually the crowd favorite but most of us fishermen already have tons of those, don’t we? It’s a simple gift that seems boring but it’s an important piece to any fishing enthusiasts tackle box. If you don’t feel like purchasing crank baits or Raps every fishermen tends to run out of the following things:  Jigs, Split-shots, Fishing Line, Worm Harnesses, and Sinkers to name a few. These gifts are fishing necessities that every fisherman needs. Grab a few packs of these bad boys and a nice card and you will surely please your old man.

You can check out some of our best fishing line at our Best Fishing Line Reviews 2017 page.

If you do feel the need to purchase imitation baits then we do recommend picking up a blister pack of raps or fish specific gift packs. One of our personal favorites is the clown and glass perch husky jerks, those will surely make anyone happy.

Hats and t-shits can also be an option as well!

Fishing gifts ranging from 30-150$

This price range is usually the most common for a couple things, rods and reels. If you are looking for the best bang for your buck we recommend picking up an ugly stick. Personally I don’t know anyone who has not liked this fishing rod. It has a nice price range and you get a lot of bang for your buck. It is a pretty solid mid range fishing rod and I have gone through quite a few of these poles myself.

If you are looking to pick a reel we recommend the Cardinal Spinning Reel from Abu Garcia. Its 6+1 bearing system is more than enough to keep those casts smooth and efficient. Also, with the price for this reel ranging from 35-80 bucks it is a great buy that is sure to reel in lots of smiles.

Oh and don’t forget smelt and trout season, it may be time to buy someone a new pair of leaky hip waiters for the months ahead- another great option!

Fishing gift ranging from 150+$

When you starting getting into these kinds of prices the thought of basic tackle, reels and rods slowly makes its way out the door. Unless of course you are buying someone a St Croix set up- then you must really love this person. Useful gifts at this time of year in this higher end price may range from fish finders, trolling motors, or even small kicker motors. If your loved one doesn’t have a fish finder or a trolling motor for their boat then either of those two gifts will be perfect. Down riggers may also be an option of course especially if your dad fishes salmon or lake trout.

The nice thing about fishing gear is that your dad’s going to love it no matter what you get him. So forget about that tie and pick up your dad some fishing gear — he deserves it. Happy Fathers Day from FTG!


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