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Fishing In The Rain Tips…

Let’s face it, if your a die hard fisherman a little rain won’t stop you. Rain of shine the fish have to feed, so why let a light drizzle slow down your fishing game. As an avid angler and die hard fisherman, I can tell you from personal experience that a little rain hasn’t stopped me from reeling in the big one. Here are my 5 tips for fishing in the rain:

First and foremost is safety. We all love to fish and sometimes the weather can interfere with our hobby but we need to be safe and protect ourselves. Never head out on the water in a storm or rough conditions. There will be plenty of great days to head out fishing, protect yourself and only fish in safe waters. Check with local weather advisories before heading out on a boat, always. Be sure to have the proper fishing gear in the rain. Waterproof boots and jackets as well as warm clothes will go a long way, especially in cooler weather.

Second, don’t use top water lures. I noticed some fishing bloggers have been suggesting to use top water lures when its raining out, however I think this is totally wrong advice. In my experience lures that go 5+ feet under the water are probably your best bet in the rain. My theory is that the rain causes a lot of top water disturbance as it is, therefore defeating the purpose of many top water lures. Fish will sit about 5 feet from the surface in rainy weather and will wait for bugs and flies to sink down to them. This is why a mid depth lure is key during this time.

Third, use bright colors. Its raining outside so chances are the sun is covered and the water is a little rough. The motion of you lures is often times compromised in choppy waters so if your using a dark colored lure the fish won’t be able to detect the motion or the sight of it. Lighter and brighter colors tend to produce better for me in these conditions.

My fourth tip is to troll a little quicker. In rainy weather the oxygen levels of the water below increase making the fish more active. There is a lot of commotion going on and a slow moving lure is often overlooked by fish during these times. Pick up the troll ever so slightly during these conditions for better results.

My last tip isn’t really a tip but more of another safety precaution. Know when to call it a day. A little rain can make the fish really active and can produce some great results. However you need to know when to call it a day if the weather progressively gets worse. Whether your on shore or fishing from a boat your safety is number one.

To sum things up for you:

  • a mild rain can really get the fish active
  • fish about 5 feet under the surface
  • use bright colors that fish will notice
  • pick up the speed a little when trolling
  • don’t let a little drizzle scare you away

Comment below on your fishing in the rain experience and tips, we would love to hear what other anglers think.



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