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Z-Man Ned Rig TRD HogZ…

LADSON, SC (May 1, 2018) – For the legendary Ned Kehde — the man behind the miraculous Ned Rig— testing prototypes and lending insights into bass bait design is all in a day’s “work,” if indeed it’s possible to assign such a term to fishing nearly every day, all year long. Following a two-year testing phase, Kehde simply refers the new Z-Man® Finesse TRD HogZ™ as “our best producing coldwater bass bait, period.”

During one brief outing, Kehde caught 55 bass in 69 minutes on a single 3-inch HogZ. “I mailed the bait back to Daniel Nussbaum of Z-Man,” recalls Kehde, “after this lone HogZ produced 112 fish total. It was still in really good shape.”


Kehde, who has chronicled and participated in the finesse bass scene going back to the early days of Guido Hibdon and Chuck Woods, says the HogZ pays homage to Woods’ original Puddle Jumper—a timeless, pressure-immune bait and often disregarded design that’s accounted for untold thousands of bass and other species. Nussbaum, President of Z-Man Fishing, calls the HogZ “the next phase of the Ned Rig genre; a highly detailed, lively, yet subtle bait that’s already selling out in select hot zones across the nation.”

Highlighting the newest member of Z-Man’s ElaZtech finesse bait line, the HogZ sculpt features a specialized flattened nose, facilitating tight flush-rigging to a mushroom style jig, such as Z-Man’s Finesse ShroomZ or NedlockZ HD. Kehde further notes that Z-Man mimicked the shape of its own power-fishing creature bait, the Boat HogZ. “The downsized TRD HogZ sprouts three fine appendages on either side of its multi-ribbed thorax, abstractly replicating the swimmerets adorning a crayfish’s abdomen.”

Breathing life into the finesse creature bait, a pair of refined legs kick, quiver and hypnotically glide. Terminating each leg is a small “foot,” providing surplus thump, plus accentuated up-and-down jet propulsion, reminiscent of the fast-darting movements of crayfish and other invertebrates.